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Are Some Heat Pumps Better Than Others?


A Honeywell generator provides peace of mind during a power outage and automatically protects what matters most to you and your family. Browse the full line of Honeywell Home Generators to find the right fit for your needs.


How do Honeywell Generators work?


1. Utility Power Is Lost


Maybe it’s a storm or an equipment failure. In any case, the electricity you’re dependent on is suddenly gone.

2. Your Generator Senses a Utility Power Disruption


Within seconds, your generator prepares to restore your home’s power.


3. Your Generator Automatically Turns On


Your generator is up to speed and generating electricity.


4. Your Electricity Is Restored


The automatic transfer switch sends generator power to your home and will continue providing power until your main power source returns.


5. Utility Power Is Restored


Your generator systems detects when utility power is returned and restores utility power to your home. The system then returns the generator to standby mode.

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